Friday, July 15, 2011

Stick To Your Principles Despite Apparent Outcome.

Nobody knows EXACTLY what's gonna happen throughout The Unveiling. There will be surprises. Unexpected plot twists. Live according to your highest ideals as much as possible. I feel better when I do this. Much better! Don't grind your teeth because of how you think things will play out. Details will elude your ability to predict them. You just can't know. Unless you have a crystal ball or something. Simply do you. It's all cumulative. Play your part in the universal symphony. It adds richness. Thickens up the soup. Yum.

I would not have predicted that an Oak Park gardener would end up in Time Magazine and draw national attention to the right to garden on your front lawn free of interference from city regulations.

Everybody dies. It's the quality of living that matters. How will you live?


  1. Thanks, I needed that today. I will stick to my visions about how this crazy next week will go - it' won't be crazy, it will be magical, 60 campers and 15 counselors will learn all about TREES and make beautiful art and be totally inspired about their place in this beautiful world.

  2. I have a hunch your week will be maddeningly magical, Anne. :-)

    I was a camp counselor once, so I know all about maddening magic. Kids are great. Take care.