Friday, June 17, 2011

Foraging On Organic Farms.

Hot tip for foragers: Establish relationships with organic farmers and ask if it's okay to take some of their wild edibles. They'll love you. They pay their workers to remove these plants and consider them weeds. We know better than to dismiss them. We treasure them! Organic CSAs are especially friendly. They deal with the public a lot more than non-CSA farms. Good luck. I'm about to start doing this ASAP.

Just remember to have some empathy for the farmer. Remove entire plants, including roots. They don't want these plants to compete with their crops. You could either process harvested plants right away or save live plants in pots or planters and establish them in the area of your choosing. Transplant some to your yard to start your own wild foods garden.

I've become more familiar with many new wild edibles through my work on farms.

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