Friday, October 29, 2010

Simply Being in Natural Areas.

I have practiced a few primitive skills. Aspects of hide processing. Edible, medicinal & useful plants. Making thread/string/rope. Tracking animals. Building shelter. Starting fires. Blah, blah. Out of everything, it is being at peace in wilderness areas that I am most proud of.

Yep. Being in wild areas and being at peace. Not worried about that super-stupid horror movie you saw that had people getting murdered in the woods. (Everyone that I've met in the woods has been quite cool. I grew up in a city called Detroit and there was way more murder going on there than I ever experienced in the woods. If you're THAT worried, get a CCW.) Not worried about social stigmas. Seduced by the slow, seasonal changes of a given area. Green tones transition into citrus hues. Shoot, fruit & seed. Thick, verdant foliage to regal, woody frames...

Be with the natural world. As much as possible. Become addicted to it. At all times. Spend quiet time with it. Just you & your breath. Pay attention to your breath and the wind through the trees. It's related. You are alive on Earth. Love it.

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