Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prunella Tea.

I cut it and hung it upside down to dry in the sun for two days. I cut the dried plants directly over my press pot, poured in boiling water, steeped for a few minutes, added honey and enjoyed!

Prunella is good for lots of things.

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  1. Thanks! Sending good vibes to your bioregion.


  2. have you tried lemon balm?....good for tea to drink as well as rubbing on your skin to keep the bugs away....i can't see why it should work though as it smells SO good.
    and it reseeds itself so it comes up year after year, is very pretty, and pulls you over whenever you walk by inviting you to pick a leaf and enjoy the fragrance.

  3. Sounds great, Bonnie! I'll keep an eye out for it. I believe I ran across it during a plant walk recently. Lovely fragrance indeed. Nice bug tip.

    ...I think I ran across a local patch of prickly ash, which is a natural source of citronella (and apparently good for my Reynaud's condition). I'll have to verify the herb's identity later on. I was late for picking up my son from camp and had to abbreviate my quality time with the plants. I also read that yarrow is a good bug-away rub.

    Keep being awesome,